The borders between fine art, erotica and glamour have become blurred in recent years and many photographers - professional and amateur - now criss-cross the various genres with gifted ease, effortlessly bridging the once wide chasm between them to produce stunningly powerful and beautiful images to delight the eye... For as long as I can remember, I have loved looking at beautiful women. I have always been fascinated with the obvious power of a woman's sex appeal... In the late nineties I decided to teach myself how to operate a camera. I then learned how to capture the passion I had for women on film through use of a camera lens. I have been photographing ever since... The models I use is mostly good friends, who willingly poses whenever an idea pops up in my head...Best Wishes... Kim

The main purpose of this website is to create a bit of erotic tension for all you happy visitors. Photographer Kim Nielsen promotes the nude. By entering this web site you will find photographs of nude models and erotic imagery. If you are morally constrained, a minor, or if your laws where you live prohibit you from viewing this type of material, please leave. For those of you who are on my level, open minded and curious... Have a wonderful visit!!!

Kim Nielsen a danish photographer whose life has always revolved around erotic art. Like Petter, he married one of his models, and her images fill his website. But there's plenty of other girls there as well. What do we like about Nielsen? His pro-erotic attitude, his cool industrial settings, and his flair for the equally odd and hot... PETTER HEGRE

Phenomenal work from the Danish photographer making huge waves in the world of art photography... MICHELLE 7

Kim Nielsen is one of Denmark's finest young photographers. Many readers will have seen Kim's work improve in leaps and bounds over the years as he hones his craft and his artistic vision. A supporter and collaborator with JADE since the very first issue, Kim has stayed true to his art and produces some of the freshest images to come out of Denmark... The International Erotic Art & Literature Magazine - JADE

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